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About Us

World Cosplay Summit Australia is a Not-for-Profit Association made up of dedicated volunteers who love to support & showcase the amazing talents of Cosplayers from all around Australia. We aim to provide Australian cosplayers the opportunity to participate in the World Cosplay Summit Competition against over +40 other countries, hosted in Nagoya/Tokyo, Japan.

Our association aligns with the principles of the World Cosplay Summit to:


  • Gather cosplayers who share a love of works of Japanese manga, anime or videogames, and continue to evolve and adapt.

  • The World Cosplay Summit is a means of communication for all peoples and is an important tool for the formation of personality. We aim to provide a space of communication, whether physical or online, to all the people who love pop culture. The purpose to become a bridge to world peace by fostering friendship that can overcome any borders and barriers of race, culture, language or customs.

  • Cosplay is a manifestation of respect and admiration towards an original work, as well as the essential human feeling of identification with that work. All the people involved in the World Cosplay Summit pay a deep respect to all creators, and wish to protect this place of expression together with them, and contributing to cultural development by doing so.


Find our more about WCS on their official site.

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