World Cosplay Summit Australia Online

How To Enter

Do you want to be WCS Team Australia 2021?

Rules Summary:

Costume Must be Handmade

The Cosplay Duo must be responsible for 75% of the construction of the costume.

Do a Video Performance

You must Produce & Edit a 2min/30sec video performance in your costumes together

Be COVID-19 safe & responsible

Please ensure you're following all Local Government guidelines in regards to COVID-19 safety & prevention.

Participate as a Duo

This is a Team of 2 cosplayers competition. Grab a Friend or Family member to join you.

Must follow ToS for streaming

Must abide by ToS for Youtube & Twitch streaming in your Video Performance.

You can ask for help

You can get as much help as you like for the creation of your Video.
Costumes can only have 25% support from friends/family.

Title/Character must be Japanese

The Character/Series you choose to cosplay must be of Japanese Origin.

No Copyright


Music/sounds used in the Video must be royalty free. No recordings of original source material.

Ensure you read all the Rules

Full Rules & Procedures are linked in the below section. Be sure to read them all & submit your form by the deadline.

Tools You'll Need:

1) Read the Rules

2) Make a Costume & Video Performance as a Duo

3) Submit your entry form along with your Portfolio & Video Online before due date of 11:59pm 30th May 2021.

4) Follow our Twitch & be available for the Live stream of the Competition to be held June 5th-6th 2021.

5) In case you Win, you will need to abide by the Japan rules & extra documentation requirements from June 23rd - August 8th 2021.

Prizes   To Be Announced...


More To Be Announced:

Prizes   To Be Announced...