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Back at SMASH! in 2022 16-17th July

Expressions of Interest Close 30th April

Back on stage
in 2022!

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Team Australia 2023

Will it be you?

Team Australia 2020/2022

I-Artemis & Taiga-kun

Team Australia 2021

ElvisDitto & Talljoke


Team Australia 2019

A.K.Wirru & K

World Cosplay Summit
Australian Preliminary Competition at SMASH!

Have you ever wanted to show your cosplay skills on a glabal stage?

Have you ever wanted to join the esteemed alumni of the WCS (World Cosplay Summit)?

This year (2022) WCS preliminaries are coming back to the stage!

What do I need to do to enter?

Grab a close friend.

Wear a costume each that you've made at home or made together.

Take photos of your costume as you make it, tag us to help share your progress online.

Prepare a stage performance with pre-recorded audio & send it to us.

It's just that easy!


More details can be found by following the link below....

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"This event has really impacted my life! It's a unique & rare experience to have an opportunity to represent your country in such a fun art form such a cosplay."

Tsubaki-chan   Team Australia 2009/2012/2016


We're for Cosplayers!

"Being on Stage with my Best Friend sharing our Passion with the World."



More To Be Announced: