WKG 2015

Ingrid Barnes, winner of WKG Australia 2015

WKG Australia Preliminary Competition

In April 2015, Gold Coast Supanova hosted the Australian Preliminary competition for the Nippon World Karaoke Grand Prix Cosplay took place. Four cosplayers took part in the competition and sang beautifully. Nick cosplaying as Itsuki Koizumi gave us an energetic performance singing God knows from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Maefan sang beautifully Moonlight Densetsu as Sailor Moon, and Tiana gave a solid performance as Kotori Minami, singing Soldier Game from Love Live! School idol Festival. In the end, it was Ingrid Barnes’ moving performance and incredible voice that won the competition. She sang Hikari Furu as Madoka Kaname from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. She will be off to World Cosplay Summit this August, in Nagoya, Japan, and will represent Australia in the Nippon World Karaoke Grand Prix Cosplay 2015.
Many thanks to Supanova for hosting and sponsoring the event! Please follow Ingrid’s adventure in Japan in August, and if you want to become next year’s Australian representative, please take part in the competition which will be at Supanova again in 2016.

WKG 2015

Here are some photos recapping Ingrid’s adventures in Japan:

Ingrid in the Osu Parade Team Australia gathered! Ingrid as Euphemia Ingrid at Meiji Mura. WKG Stage Results on stage Ingrid on stage Ingrid on stage Ingrid on WKG stage Ingrid performing

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