WCS 2016

Team Australia 2016 Representatives – Asham & Tsubaki

Congratulations to Team Australia 2016!
Asham & Tsubaki.

They will be representing Australia at the World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya, Japan, next year (2016) at the Grand Final.
They are both previous Team Australia Representatives, making them an Amazing Power Team. Asham was a representative in 2010, & Tsubaki was a representative in both 2009 & 2012.

They were selected at SMASH! this year (2015) against several other cosplayers. You can view their winning perfomance here: https://youtu.be/WBfui-Ejdx4

They are currently working on new costumes & a new performance to especially take overseas. If you’d like to support Team Australia, please contact us on our Contact Page.

You can even follow their progress on their Cosplay Pages, or our Facebook Page.
WCS Australia

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Asham & Tsubaki repeated their love of Cardcaptor Sakura, but with new costumes & perfomance for Japan.

Again with Quick change style perfomance, with the introduction of video & even bigger props.

This was the first time WCS has been split into 2 Rounds.

Asham & Tsubaki made it through both rounds with flying colours & placed 5th overall out of 30teams/countries. Amazing job girls!

Performance –

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