WCS 2011

Team Australia 2011, Jess and Tess
Team Australia 2011, Jess and Tess

WCS Australia Preliminary Competition

2011 was the Third year Australia participated in the World Cosplay Summit. The representative team was Tessa and Jessica wearing Tsugiri and Myobi of manga series Alichino.


They won the judges over with their dark fairy tale themed performance, detailed self-made stage costumes, theatrical props and performance, great ambiance and emotional reaction from the audience.

You can watch their Preliminary performance, filmed from the audience by Youtuber Satsuki no Rakuen, here:

They also placed first in their Melbourne Pre-selection Round, performing a tear jerking Card Captor Sakura script featuring Sakura Kinomoto and her passed mother, Nadeshiko Kinomoto.

WCS 2011

In 2011 Netherlands and Malaysia joined the participating nations, bringing the total to 17.

This was the first year that the ‘Special Tour’ was held. After the last day of activities, all cosplay representatives and organizers went on a tour of the Central Japan region, staying that evening at a traditional hot springs hotel in the Chita Peninsula area.

Tessa and Jessica wore Sailor Moon Usagi Tsukino and Chibi Moon Usagi “Chibiusa” Tsukino for the Parade events walking through the streets of Nagoya, through the Shopping district in Osu, & along the WCS Red carpet.

They wore their preliminary costumes of Tsugiri and Myobi from Alichino for the Press Events, such as at the Centrair Airport, meeting the Mayor of Nagoya, meeting the staff of TV Aichi, and much more.

Tessa and Jessica’s round benefited from feedback from previous years and was the first year that organizers from different countries were chosen to prejudge and assess the costumes of the contestants prior to the commencement of the competition.  This greatly benefited Tessa and Jessica who has put a lot of effort into their accuracy and detailing, and achieved the Brother Award for Australia, being recognized as the best costumes in the competition.

You can watch their Finals performance here:


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