Hosted by: World Cosplay Summit Australia
Date/time: 13th July 2019, Saturday 2:30pm-3:00pm
Location: SMASH! Sydney Manga & Anime Show – Main stage

The Lip-sync Extravaganza will be an half an hour event hosted at the main stage by The judges for the event will be three Australian World Cosplay Summit alumni.

Each cosplayer (or small group) will be allowed 30 seconds to one minute to go onstage and perform. The focus of this event is to promote cosplayers to be onstage and support them with a positive environment to build confidence. After all cosplayers have gone onstage there will be a big group photo where they will get to pose. The judges will discuss and give out awards accordingly.

Throw glitter on your costume and strut your stuff, The World Cosplay Summit presents the Lip sync Extravaganza!


It’s an opportunity for cosplayers to show off their skills onstage- you can step up onstage and dance, spin around in your fabulous costumes, interact with the audience and of course, lip sync if you wish! Bring the ‘play’ back into cosplay and have some fun onstage as your favourite character. Drag your friends along, be as over dramatic as possible in one minute and you’ll have the chance to win some fabulous prizes!


To apply, either sign up at the WCS table at SMASH on Saturday before 12;00pm

OR email with the below details:

Name/ Cosplay name(s) (this will be spoken onstage):

Character(s) you are cosplaying:

Song link (Youtube link preferred):

Time (between 30 seconds to one minute max. eg. 00:10 seconds until 00:40 = 30 seconds) :

  • Cosplayers are allowed 30 seconds to one minute to perform in the Lip sync Extravaganza.
  • You can perform by yourself, as a pair but the limit is four people- we want to see every person dazzling in the spotlight.
  • The song is YOUR CHOICE! Anything from your favourite anime opening, to pop songs to memes. Remember that SMASH is a PG-13 event so be aware of song choice as well as your performance.
  • There will be a limited amount of entries available in the Lip sync Extravaganza. If all the spaces are filled online, we may not be able to guarantee you entry on the day so get in quick!
  • All entrants must confirm their registration at the World Cosplay Summit Table on the day of the Lip sync Extravaganza (Come say hi, we don’t bite!). Check-in time will be confirmed via email prior to the event. Entries who do not confirm their registration will be considered a dropout.


The judges will be looking for cosplayers that can show off their skills onstage. The categories are:

Dancing Queen– Ballroom or hip hop, as long as you dance!
Best Lipsync– You’ve had these lyrics memorized for years, now’s your chance to show it off!
Y33t– Surprise everyone with something that they’ve never seen before!
Hairography– When your hair is the key in your performance
Drama Queen– Command the stage with flair and style


Start looking up your favourite tunes and apply!

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